Italian car show

Went to the Auto 98 car show in Turin on Saturday with Mara and Joesepe. Joe is Mara's boyfriend and they were kind enough to drag me around the show to get out for the day. It was an AWESOME car show. All the famous italian designers under one roof. Needles to say, the camera got lots of use at this event. I beleive I shot an entire memory card full of photos and have listed them below.

Off road car
Very cool pearlescent paint job concept car.
Viper in racing colors
Mini set up for a rally
New MG setup for the track
The Grand Vitaro.... the grand version of my Tracker.... will be looking for this one in the US.
BMW M3 Coupe
Baby Landrover
Silver Lambo
White Lambo
Pininfarina F100 Concept - photo does not do the car justice.
Ferrari..... ready to play
Alpha Romeo concept car
Another rally car
Fiat's Concept 4x4
Fiat's Concept coupe
Formual 1 Mercedes Antique
The first Renault
Renault concept off roader
VW Passat.... take a test drive with a professional driver.... now that's selling
Ducati 916 . . . maybe my next toy if Patty ever stops threatening not be my friend if I get it
Alpha Romeo Concept car.
Ferrari F50 (pic1   pic2 )
Antique Maserati
Have ya driven a Ford like this latley?
Every garage should have one
I finally found the Red Countach !
After my second million !
Also found an Maurizo ( sp ? )


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